Monday, February 28, 2011

Boston Love

Boston was good.
Although I didn't make it to any shops.
It was a kid's vacation,
and they enjoyed it.
And so did I.

I'll have to post more,

Got back,
just in time for more snow.
Worked a few days.
Now it's a week off to redo the kitchen,
the entire thing.
Pretty unnerving.

It's one thing to put together stuff for
other people, but my own?
I'm stressed, and it's just starting.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Boston for a few days.
Plenty of things on the 'to see & do' list,
but we'll see what I do.

Updates to follow.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

One Good Day

Or two.

It was just a tease though,
as the cold has returned.

The cold becomes a mental barrier.
I spend way too much time in my head
thoughts that don't result in action,
just thoughts.

Like spending all day watching a bad
rerun, my personal non-bike Groundhog Day.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Puppy Bowl!

I rarely watch the Stupor Bowl,
and this years halftime
was a pleasant slap to the face
of taste.

But the closest I've got to celebrity
in this house,
three of the puppies
from the commercial for ESPN's

We just picked them up an hour ago.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Choices or Not.

LOVE Carlin.
Simply put.


I'll readily admit,
deep inside,
I'm a hippy.

While searching for movies,
I found this:

And it's one of the main reasons I ride (commute).
Yes, it's selfish fun for me.
But I also have a choice to say
To bad drivers,
lame automobile manufacuters,
oil speculators,
and all of the lemmings that go with that nonsense.
That's all!

Chasing Legends!

This is a MUST for this years Bike Month!
Question is,
can I get it into a theatre?

Murder of Couriers

Trailer for another: out of Vancouver

Courier Breed

Starting the,
well it's not a task,
but something I do for Bike Month.
This year I need THREE movies to show.
Or, a bunch of shorts.
I figure I may as well post them here.
Comment or suggest away!

Courier Breed - A Documentary on Boston's Bike Messengers from Brendan Coughlin on Vimeo.

Clean Yourself Up.

This has been one of my
longest breaks from the bike.

It's rideable in the morning,
then frozen over by evening.

You learn little things,
like riding the HIGHEST car traffic
streets, and riding IN the lane.
The engines and exhaust
keep the sleet at a temp JUST above
freezing. So you can creep your way

And the local bus system
has become my 'spare tire'
in a couple ways.

Just happy the bike racks
are on ALL buses,
ALL year.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Monkey on My Back

Actually it's a fat
extra fingered cat
named Ruby....

But the figurative monkey
could be the snow storms
or my lack of motivation
or maybe my general laziness.

I dunno.

All I know is I'm surrounded by bikes
in various states of dis-assembly.
The motivation to get out and ride
is not helped by the blankets
of slippery stuff outside.

I must be part bear
since hibernation seems so logical.
The daydreams that help pass time
used to be filled with parts lists,
road trip plans,
and race dates.

Now that time has been hijacked
by schemes to build a motorcycle,
while I grow my ass in front of the
Dumb Box.

The Fat Bastard had sat patiently
at the shop, waiting for the decisive
ride to determine where to cut the

The Beer Buddy lays scattered across
the work bench. The hardest part still
not completed: picking out the color.