Monday, December 27, 2010

First Tracks!

Gonna try to get some in tomorrow!
Didn't mount the Nokie 240's,
so I'm sure that's gonna be the
tire I end up needing,
but not riding.

Let's hope for a snow day!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Green Enough?

It couldn't be.
It doesn't even photograph correct.

It's green.
And beautiful.
And here!

Posting away...

The latest post I pulled out for the TU.
It has a particular rehashed stench to it...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sharing the Love, I hope

One of the biggest life changing things
is having kids.
From that point on
you constantly self critique.
You realize all that your parents did,
and then try to expand upon that.

What actions will have the most impact
What lessons will they learn
What will shape them as adults

Sometimes it's intentional.
But it always feels like a crap shoot.

I would like to think the art and bikes
that fills my life will only be a positive.
But maybe they'll grow sick of art,
and resent it as an adult?

But bikes?

Alot of kids grow up with a bike.
But it falls the way with many toys.
Some may continue with bmx,
until they get a car.

So I commute daily by bike.
Yes. The main reason is pure selfishness.
But I want them to percieve it as
normal. Accepted.

This last year I feel I failed a little.
The little man transitioned
onto a trail-a-bike.
But that was the extent of family rides.

I need to make a focused effort.
Everyone on bikes.
And having fun!

At the last 'cross race of the season,
the family finally was able to attend.
My oldest expressed a great interest
in racing.
Kind of caught me off guard.
Now I have to figure out a plan.
This week he becomes old enough.

Do I race the combined class,
and stay along side of him.
To offer motivation and keep it fun
(and take continual lasts)?
Then race the next field,
which at full effort,
will net me some more last places?

I'll figure this out while it unfolds
I'm sure.

I'm just psyched he might be 'into it'.
And I have to remember he might
walk away from it mid race.

But the first little man
will have his first "real bike" this week!
Where it goes from here, I don't know.

Extra cool was the hook up from my
favorite alleycat mechanic on the bike.
And the team kit from the local club.

There are some great people on bikes!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Me and the Grinch are cool

I'm the perfect recipe for seething
anti-holiday attitude.

Eleven straight days of work.
Leading up to the holidays.
It's the same crabiness that takes over
when you're REALLY hungry.
But times ten.

And the mall shows just as ugly face
as Walmart. But then add all the frantic
running around and rudeness
that engulfs you.

I know it's not new.
But this year caught me off guard.
And I struggle to find any enjoyment
with this season.

I think we all need a huge snow day.
Where no one ventures outside,
everything is closed,
and I can sit with a cup of coffee,
and watch the lights.

And then go for a quiet ride.

Think SNOW!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Can't see it.

before the projects start
the shop bench needs to get cleaned off.
parts need sorting.
but first the lights need to be replaced.

I jumped into the middle of things
and realized,
I can't even see around the work bench.
something that will be my home away from home...
away from home through the winter months.

and since we jumped right into the REALLY cold
at the start of December...
it looks to be a long winter.

But the project list has begun.
And I said no more art shows for a while
(feeling VERY UN-inspired)
that didn't last long,
as I'm scrambling to drop for another show...

There seems to be so many pots on the stove,
that I've resorted to tossing cans of crap
all over my figurative kitchen.

more to follow...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Check Lists

"Last Call" @ The Marketplace Gallery.
My final show for the year.
I'm running on fumes at this point.

Strange though,
the satisfaction of 'checking goals off'
isn't there.
It was the satisfaction of doing the tasks.
I'll expand on that later...
but it just occured to me as I was sorting out the noise,
the noise in my head of all the things still not completed.

One of my latest POSTS at the Times Union.


This ONE.

Like inviting a few friends over for 'a drink'
this last part of the year has really gotten away from me!

Two months of multiple art shows,
the tail end of the cyclocross race season,
and all the day to day activities
of everyday life.

I started looking at this blog
and realized nothing has been updated
or maintained...

The dreaded FB is such an easy distraction,
I guess it's similar to a bag of chips
versus cooking an actual meal.

Quick and easy,
but never satisfying.

You, my little neglected electronic child,
will get more attention.
I hope.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fall in love again...

"hey, we do a late night group ride. wanna come?"

"uhhh, sure!"

Right there, I need to learn to ask more questions.
Those questions that you ask yourself a half hour before
you head out the door.
There are no expectations. Which is good.
But there is no info. either!
And that is my fault.

I don't want to sound like some dork.
Too many questions might get an UN-invite!

So I split my gear into:
light & quick bare essentials.
messenger bag (everything including the camera).

I had no idea.
The worst case on one end:
off season roadies, out for a late night hammer sesh.
Which means I'll get dropped in a couple of miles,
and solo my way home.

or the other worst scenario:
the super casual urban ride. Which means you won't even
warm up (an issue when it's freezing out).

Sometimes I just luck out!

There was casual.
There were beer breaks.
A quick pace.
Lots of characters.
Familiar faces.
And mud.

Equate it to:
a Cat. 4 late night cyclocross race
through unknown trails
without enough lights.

Simply awesome.!

That's what riding is about, FUN!
No one gets dropped.
If someone flats, then it's time to break out the beers,
and share some stories.

I need to loosen up sometimes.
And as they say
just "enjoy the ride".

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cycling Photos

There's lots of them waiting.
Waiting to be edited
and posted.

Not today though.
The light snow flurries means
it's now time to clear off the deck.

A month late. As usual.
Santa's work must be done.
A painting is due.
Some winter 'cleaning'.
Which is a result of digging out
cold weather commuting gear.

Procrastination becomes
the motivator.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Last month's photo!

Completely forgot this for Nov. 2nd!
I'm so, so, so,

Gallery window for the UnDead show.

I have to work some skulls into this
holiday season. We'll see how.

Bikes as Art

Last night was the gallery opening.
A gallery I've worked at getting into
for almost a year.

I would almost say opening night
was anti-climatic. That accomplishing goals isn't as satisfying. It's
the work to actually get there that feels good.

Regardless. What was the highlight? Two really cool cafe racers in the
gallery. I spent most of my time crawling through them. And
entertaining the thought of a new bike.
The kind of bike with a motor.....

It was a good night for "art".

Winter Projects

Everyone should have one
or several.

I like to go into the hibernating time
with a frame
or some parts.

Up until this week I had

But I just got the ball rolling.
Gotta clean off the workbench.
Already took inventory of parts.
And as soon as the holiday season
is over, it's building time!

Will keep you posted!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

For the Dogs!

That was 'Turkey Day'.
Hanging out with the dogs,
get some movies in,
the cat stole the turkey
as it cooled off.

I live in a zoo.

A quiet day for reflection
of those things I'm thankful for,
And some mandatory food induced
nap time on the couch.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Walking home from dropping the kids off at school (not pool, school),
I got caught up in the idea of: do we always want what we didn't have
growing up?

I'm a product of suburbia.
Something that I haven't liked since...

And when it came time to buy a house. I wanted something 'in town' and
central to everything. Over the years I've reaped the benefits of
living in the city. Skip trying to find a parking place for anything
in town, just bike.

While walking the two blocks back home I wonder if my kids will want
the opposite. A ranch house out in the country? A 'new' house in some
nicely named subdivision? A place that doesn't embrace cycling? Where
every commute must be by car. Or will they want something that
represents how they grew up? I'm not sure.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let's have a new series!

A $5,000 open sprint.
Pretty simple.
Note the bunny hop over the BMW @ 1:41!
The local elite 'cross series has a $750 payout,
for the season.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Running on Empty!

Up til 2am.

All the art is set.
Thirteen in all.
another ten right down the street,
at the gallery.

There is absolutely NOT
enough coffee to get through the day!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

things bike related

Best costume for a 'cross race!

because it's a bike blog...
isn't it?
One of my past Times Union posts:Can't get there from here.
Nothing big, just putting them out there.
Or you can just click along to the right....

Getting back to four races worth of photos,
to sort & post to flickr... sorry guys, and girls.

the day of the dead!

You should stop by here all the time,
especially today! Bikes and the City.

All Saints Day!

dia de los Muertos!
Sadly there will be no candy skull tattoos for me today.
But I'll make up for that later, trust me!

Today will be an entire day of sorting,
and sitting in front of the computer.

The Mrs. pulled off a great Halloween party on Saturday night.
So good,
that I skipped my self imposed pre race bedtime,
and stayed up all night drinking by the fire pit.
THAT resulted in an awesome race six hours later.
So there's some photos from the Vermont Wicked Creepy race.
And some really bummed out guys that couldn't beat an old,
fat, very hung over guy.
Goal of NOT getting last, achieved!

That's really pathetic, actually.
So I think it was 30th out of 34 or 31st out of 36,
pretty bottom of the barrel.

So I shot masters, single speed, 3/4 and womens.
Then headed out.
Out where, you ask?
To shoot the best wedding ever!

My tattoo artist & friend.
A great mix of Halloween, rock 'n roll, and tattoo convention.
Complete with a bride in a hearse!
And today is my final day to prep for my first solo show,
opening this Friday @ The Wine Bar & Bistro!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekly posts?!

no excuses.
A great foggy morning! I love the fog!
No warf or chowder though,
just aches from
getting my ass handed to me

And a random mention while staging,
someone other than my mom
reads this blog! Better get back on it!
Along with ALL of the photos
waiting for me to edit & post!

Tomorrow's list is growing,
more to follow!

Friday, October 15, 2010

October is just siiiiiily!

every day is busy......
but this month
has taken it to a new level!

On another note:
finally brewed the perfect cup of coffee
and a big noreaster is rolling in...
just in time for the next 'cross race!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

the OTHER side of the camera

Sometimes you know EXACTLY where you need to be
to get the perfect photo.

And sometimes there's three or four other people
with the exact same idea.

And no one wants you in their background.

Some people are cool and work around it.
Other's are pushy little punks
(I'll post that one later).

It's nice to meet cool people,
and really appreciate it when they take time to
mentioning this sad little blog...
At Ommegang we met Lindsay who does photomudd.
Had a good conversation about what to do
with all of the photos after a race.
(need photos from Ommegang? Visit photomudd!)

FB albums.
Your own site.
She's using SmugMug...

I don't have an opinion on that yet.
To sort a thousand photos,
then to slowly load them onto flickr,
that is a day of suck.

another time killer: my new art site
just another electronic child to neglect...

But I got stickers, business cards, flickr account,
and the 'site'. So I should show it some love I guess.

Ommegang Cyclocross

Sorting photos from Ommegang...
more to follow.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ommegang Cyclocross

This last weekend was one of the best!
Which would explain a crappy first two
days of this week.
Everything falls short.
Friday was First Friday,
and I was showing at two galleries.
Saturday evening was last minute prep
including the task of finding a ride!
And of course,
Sunday was the second race of the

This one was particularly promising
since EVERYONE was in Mass.
And being able to visit a friend who
works at Ommegang, was an extra

I'll post more.
And get the couple hundred photos up
on flickr. That's the plan for Thursday!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rain Days again

Gave me good reason to dig out
The Cold & Wet weather gear!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bike Work

Sometimes feels like

Finally getting around to setting up the
new bike.

Pedals, set the seat, along with setting
up the extra wheels with new tires.

Rainy days are only awesome
for checking things off of the list.....

Friday, September 24, 2010

New TOYS!!!!!

Oh it's done!
More on it later,
but it's all swapped out with SRAM,
and the eggbeaters get picked up...
So maybe Sunday I'll get it out.
A big thing checked off of the list!

The Little Things

I'll just say it,
I pass on the right,
I think it's stupid
when the light turns red,
that I stop 10 cars back,
and just sit there.
drivers rarely respect my part.
They will try to pull around me,
as I'm stopped for the light.

And obviously if cars are turning right,
I fall back a bit.
And I try to stay out of blindspots.

The other day commuting home,
I was three cars back as the light
turned red.
Instead of creeping to the front,
the thing you always hear drivers
complaining about,
I moved a little more into the lane,
and held my spot.

The driver behind me slowly crept.
Somehow I should just move?

As the light turns green,
I pace the car in front of me
2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet behind.
Keeping pace with the slow
rush hour traffic.
It's not hard.

As I enter the intersection
I'm almost a car length behind.
I check my position in the lane
since there's no shoulder after.
That's when the driver passes.
Overtaken in the intersection,
with no out,
flanked by a curb,
and a rear quarter panel.
I hit the brakes,
keep the cadence,
and drop onto this asshole's bumper.
As they passed,
I could've dropped my left hand down
and adjusted their mirror.

I pace a foot off of their bumper
for the next two lights,
as the driver chatted on their cell.
Then they turn into the grocery store.
Haphazardly parked,
and walked across the parking lot,
with the cell still glued to their ear.

Should I do it?
Fuck yeah!

So I dug into my bag,
found my little friend,
and glanced around the parking lot.
No one around.
I casually rolled up to the car.
No valve caps on,
even easier!
Leaned over,
and with a couple counterclockwise
turns...... out popped the core!
Followed by a too obvious.....

I fumbled the core.
No time, people are approaching!
I push off to finish my commute.

Did that driver learn of what they did?
But no most even care?

I felt better.
If you're gonna throw 2 tons within
inches of me,
you're gonna be walkin'
when I find your car.
It might not be today,
or even next week.

The Karma Police?
I don't know.
Aggresive/bad driver therapy?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let's play catch up!

I've really let this blog go.
It's like the elastic waist sweatpants,
of blogs.....

So my funk has left,
with help of my local shop and
the cycling lawyer.

Cashed out,
bikes ordered,
and I'm rolling again!

Familiar routines bring me happiness
I've realized.

And yes, you read that correct....
BIKES. As in more than one.
So we have plenty to talk about.
And the first 'cross race of the season
has already happened.
And I had a bike set up just in time.
I can't say it enough,
I (HEART) my bike shop!
More so than my bartender,
but don't tell them that.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kirkland on flickr!

Flickr has finally been updated.
It just takes an entire day to edit and post photos.
But Kirkland is now done,
the non-bike stuff has been moved,
and I'll update the last year of bike related stuff soon,
I promise.
And I'll get back to posting on a regular basis.
Click & Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Really that vain?

Besides the whole
'Planned Obsolesence' thing,
my other big complaint was
Shimano's cable routing for their
road grouppos.

Just Plain Ugly.

So Campy, with the ability to be
rebuilt, was my first choice. But the
cost has always been limiting,
especially for 'cross and everyday

Then Sram came along.
Tucked in cables,
Well designed,
And multiple price levels.

So as I started my quest for a new
bike, I figured I'ld run Sram's Rival,
found on alot of mid-line bikes. Then
I stumbled upon this:
Shimano's 2011 105.
I seriously thought the bike wasn't
finished. Shifters have the same 105
body, just no visable cables....
Impressive. Still not a fan.
But impressed.

On the showroom floors this fall.

Turns out my bike is coming with the
ugly old 105, so we're gonna check
the bank account and hopefully swap
to Rival. Or I'm just gonna bury those
105's into the mud this season.

But I now know that I am really that
vain. To put fashion over possible
function. But the simple fact that colors
of the frame can be a deal breaker,
you gotta love what you ride, right?

Monday, August 30, 2010

I think it's funny

thanks Andy for the FB post of this:

Funny cause it's the all to common attitude?
The note I leave in permanent marker will be funnier though.

New Times Union post...

Latest Times Union post
Comment away, or not.
I'm going to bed and
cannot participate in this electronic merry-go-round anymore.
I will be biked up this week though!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not Hanging Around

Well, sort of...
If I'm not riding,
it feels like I'm not moving...
that I'm being a bum.
But I've been moving.

At the bike shop getting the ride thing
sorted out.

Getting ready for cyclocross season.
First race is in TWO WEEKS.

Another wedding shoot lined up.

Try to get some tat time,
now that the shop is slowing down.

And trying to get all those little things,
the stuff that must be done before
WINTER, done.
It's a long list.

This week blew past in a day.
Lots of good things in the works!
Most should wrap up this next week.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finding the Tipping Point

I've found it a couple times in the last month.
Been trying to shake the fun,
get psyched on living?

Go get yourself hit by a car!
And then hold on for everything that follows.

Pissed! Pissed! Pissed!
Relief (kind of).

And reality doesn't settle in for hours.
Then things start swelling.
The pain sets in.
The realization that your bike is done,
almost hurts more.

But you feel like you should be happy,
happy you survived.
But you're pissed that you are now
in this situation.
And it wasn't your decision, or fault.
You find fleeting moments when you're with the kids, that you have
another day with them. You tell yourself "I will now live everyday to
it's fullest!". No wasted hours on the couch. No missed opportunities.

But the bike isn't replaced yet.
You're renting a car.
There's no idea when you'll have,
your bike.
The car is new.
It's something you wouldn't own.
Everyone likes it.
Getting around is easy.
Fifteen minutes to get to work?
No problem!
It lures you in.
The anger has temporarily passed.
You start pondering...
'maybe I should buy a car with the insurance money'
You start looking online for various forms of transportation.
A motorcycle? What kind?
A pratical sedan?
An SUV for the winter?

And then the funk returns.
More than the lazy sitting on the couch eating a whole bag of chips.
It's nearly a depression.
The internal anger towards inattentive drivers has cooled.
The need to stretch the legs
and spin the gears is gone.
New bike mags get lost on the coffee table, unread.
There's nothing.
You are, nothing.

Then I had to fill up the tank
of that lame ass car.
I looked at the pump.
F me!
I don't get reimbursed for gas.
That rental car company doesn't deserve my support.
My local bike shop?
They deserve support!

So at the end of the week,
I dropped off that car with a full tank of gas, and walked away.

And went to my local shop to rent a bike.
I feel ALOT better about submitting that bill to the insurance company!
You're inattentive driver can support me and the local bike shop.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Show

Another Friday night
brings another 'core show
and another slice for me.

Where did the fixed gears go?
I see more mopeds
but the bikes
are not getting dumped on Craigslist.

Will there be a revival of sorts?
Or will they linger in mom's basement,
as hipsters finish grad. school,
and drive into yuppiedom
in their new Volvo?

On the Road.

A shot from one of three trips from Spokane to Albion, Wa. and back.

I can honestly say between:
a camera,
great conversations,
and some deep thinking,
the time and miles pass quickly.

While I was out...

While doing a walking tour of Port Angeles,
we visited a bike shop in a historical building.
And they just happen to stock Globes.
I have eyed the website a couple times,
but my local shop has never stocked the fixed gear models
or the hauling ones.
Seeing both the Live and the Haul in person
really got gears turning for bike #2 or 3!

When the insurance FINALLY pays out for my totalled Gunnar 'cross,
I have to replace it with another race worthy rig
(more on that later).
But I learned a lesson (maybe) on only having one bike.
I was trying to keep it simple,
but there are those times when your bike is not going to be there.
Then what?
And as much as I am able to function with my 'cross
and a big messenger bag,
there are some trips that would be better suited to a cargo type bike.
Especially large artwork.
My last gallery drop I utilized a kid trailer, which worked well,
but could've been better.
So maybe something like a Haul 1 or 2 with a front rack,
or the Live 1 or 2 with an xtracycle kit.
The possibilities.
I need to wrap up the bike search soon though!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

back on the path

well... we don't have any bike paths.

But it looks like I'm gonna be able to put alot of crap
behind me.
The trip helped sort some things out.
Because I had to put my head around bigger things.
Such as meeting my birth father for the first time.
And the big surprise?
Meeting my other half-sister.
But "sister" is the correct title.
My family keeps growing and growing,
and it's awesome.

I spent WAY too much time driving around.
To the point I can't stand cars, again.
So that's good.
I also spent time in a totally bike friendly city,
and wasn't cycling. That MAKES you want to ride.
So I'm back home, and back to the drawing board.
Trying to figure out what my new bike will be.

It's mind numbing going through catalogs looking for parts,
measuring & remeasuring,
writting down part numbers.
I tried to do it before I flew out,
and after a couple of hours,
threw the paper away and pondered buying a car.

It's easy to build your dream bike,
over a couple of months,
as you have a regular rider.

But to try and piece together your dream rig out of a catalog,
with out being able to handle the parts,
double check the overall fit & look?
Killing me here.

So, it'll be a compromise.
Start with a base,
and assume there's gonna be a few changes (or a lot).
I know what I love,
and I do considered myself...