Thursday, October 29, 2009

Art for Animals

hello, welcome to technology

1. I'm a 'retro-grouch'. Still haven't owned a bike with disc brakes.
I was probably THE LAST person to start buying CDs. And only got my
ipod last year.

2. I love to make fun. Of you, your mom, myself, anyone at anytime, so
with people camping out front of Apple stores to pay $399 for a phone?
Ahhh, too easy.

3. I hate phones, hate them. Don't answer them.

So I finally stepped into 2008 and got an iphone.
I still prefer to NOT TALK, I'm the strong, silent type, you know?
But man this thing is awesome! It needs a name, it's ALMOST as cool
as my bike (don't let my bike know, it might go and break down on me).

So, we had the Bicycle Master Plan meeting.
I have another show coming up (that I should be putting my work
together instead of sitting here).


Art for
A great non profit organization and show.

It's this Sunday, November 1st.
I have two photos up for sale.
Funny though, I somehow DIDN'T get on the advetisement.
It's ok, the ego doesn't need anything right now.

It will be cool to be showing with celebs, musicians, and
ACTUAL artists (ones who make a living through their art).
Maybe I'll be next to Lou Reed's photo of his dog, who knows.

And I have been riding.....
Funny how 10 days of a non-riding vacation leaves you starved,
I end up sprinting to and from work. What the hell?
I'm in no hurry. Ever!

So, I still have ALL the photos of people crossing the
Livestrong Challenge finishline.

A couple of unposted art shows.

an incredible vacation, yeah I know,
who wants to see THAT?

and tonight is the bike coalition meeting......
I need a vacation from life.

New posts

New posts?

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

can I just label it...


It's not bike related.
Just random vacation photos.
But the bike stuff is coming.

Tonight is the Bicycle Master Plan meeting,
and we'll see how progressive this city is willing to be.

I did get contacted by the Mayor's office
regarding the draft I wrote for closing the main park
to car traffic.

That's nice.
But I wrote it almost a year ago.
Presented it to the neighborhood associations six months ago.
And got nowhere afterwards.

I guess you can't 'just make an appointment' with him.

Enjoy the photos while I ride to the meeting in rain/sleet
whatever the northeast has up it's sleeve.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

the best time?

the best time for sleeping
is not the best time for getting some photos.

I have spent too much time trying to sum up the trip,
and as always,
leads to tangents on life in general.

Why do I always make an effort to get sunrise/sunsets?
because where I live
there is no scenic spot to see a sunset.

So the locals just walk on by,
because there's always an opportunity to see it.
And I eagerly assume the role of 'idiot tourist'
to snap a photo of an everyday occurance.

Then you realise what you love about your home.
So I spent the better part of the week
drinking to midnight,
take a five hour nap,
switch hats,
grab a camera bag and coffee at 5:30 and head out.

I only appreciated the warm weather
because back at home they had an odd streak of 32 degrees.

I only appreciated the sand and palm trees
because I knew I was going back to brownstones
and narrow cobble streets that I love.

I'm really trying to avoid posting the 5,000 palm tree shots.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Back!

Yes, the Jimmy Buffet life has returned
to the cold and dark northeast way of life.

It was not a 'bike filled vacation' like DC.
Quite the opposite.

But it was still a big adventure,
and I spent the better part of the morning
sorting through 2,000 plus photos.

I have about five days of catchup for work and home.
so more scenic and random shots to come,
and a welcomed return to 'bike-life'.

Please check back!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

here and there

last week:
getting buzzed by two different Jettas with roof (bike) racks.
on two different days.
I'm willing to bet that they do not ride their bikes on the road,
that's all I'm gonna say, besides
they were college aged 'bros', and prob don't own spandex.

this week:
going to see a fat retiree about an obnoxious print shirt
(I'm going to Flordia).

so this will be a test on how well I can maintain this
junk drawer of a blog.

go ride your bike...
take off the computer,
don't worry about the miles,
go jump some curbs,
practice bunnyhops,
ride with a smile
because you like to ride.

Friday, October 9, 2009

other commuters?

lately I've been taking different routes,
and being out at different times,
discovering alot more commuters
than the usual cycling suspects...
THAT is a good thing.

Often it feels like I'm the only one out there.

First Friday October

Another show
only one work in this one,
but it is one I feel can stand on it's own.
But we'll see, I never seem to get it right.
Now it's on with the next one...

First Friday (pt2)

First Friday again...
with fall temps there was still a good turn out
as we walked the streets
and got a slice

and more

Another article.
Sorry for the mis-link, scroll up for article.

Can't make the planet 'greener' when you're chasing people
off of the streets.

I mean we look at bullying in schools.
But the roads?
Look at your local D.A..
How (or do they?) prosecute bad drivers?
We have a system of checks and balances,
for cyclists, the Justice system has failed MANY !

found this news on: SurlyRider.

and this is why

Go to article one.
Then follow up here for pictures.

one day,
there will be an accident.
an errant driver will be yanked from their car,
and 'accidently beaten'.

this same 'accident' will happen across the country.

motorists will show some respect,
and exercise more caution,
and more parents, friends, spouses, and kids
will arrive safely on their bike.

About two months ago, after the local bike coalition meeting,
the topic turned to the usual driver harrassment towards cyclists.
I think I almost offended some with my opinion,
until the last meeting when there were more stories shared,
by cyclists who normally (or never have?) experienced such
hostile driver behavior, then there seemed to be an agreement.

Guess it's always a 'NON-ISSUE' until it personally affects you.
THEN you get involved.

Here's one of those life lesson moments.
I've ALWAYS been a passive person.
My size helps me avoid most confrontations.
And I've been a big kid, well, since I was a kid.

In seventh and eigth grade I got shoved around ALOT.
By alot, I mean every hour of everyday.
I didn't realize it's because I wasn't assertive.
Until I finally snapped.

There was this ninth grader.
His locker was next to mine.
He was tall, really tall.
I was big, but he had half a foot on me.
He was THE player on the basketball team,
I was a punk ass skater with a bad haircut.
In between each class, as I stopped at my locker,
he was there,
there to shove me into my locker,
knock books out of my hand,
shove me into people just passing in the hall,
throw my books into the trash,
on and on,

as he shoved me into my locker,
while his friends laughed,
I snapped. Completely flipped.

I came up behind him,
pinned both his arms behind his back,
and ran him head first into his locker,
Until his friends pulled me off of him.
He had no idea what to do,
he just grabbed his books and left.

I never had a problem with him,
or anyone,
for the rest of my time at that school.

People are generally stupid in their simplistic
ways of social interaction.
If you were driving along, and in the lane to your right,
there was a big Hells Angel on a motorcycle,
would you drift into his lane?
maybe run your car past him within two feet?
merge into him?
or make a quick right turn into his path of right-away?
Seriously doubt it.

because you have an expectation of how that confrontation
will play out.
that eventually you'll loose,
maybe right then and there,
or later with some of his 'friends',
and it's just not worth your time, or face,to mess with him.
In fact it's worth paying extra attention as to NOT piss him off.

But that dorky guy in tight spandex pedaling next to you?
What's he gonna do?
My hope,
is he pulls someone from their car.
Sometimes you need to treat people like kids,
if they can't share and play nicely,
then maybe they need a toy taken away,
or some 'quiet time'.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the goodness

I do not live in a cycling paradise.
Some days I see no cyclists,
other days maybe five
or ten if it's a nice day.

The scene is not big,
if there is a scene at all.
For being the Capital city
it's actually quite pathetic.

Online expands the community.
You're not the only one who loves to ride,
you're not the only one who rides in the snow,
or the only one who commutes everyday,
in the rain.
maybe in your city, but not in the country
or world.

there's alot of enjoyable blogs out there,
little treasures to be discovered,
and some really good people behind them...
for my weekend brewing pleasure I recieved this in the mail!

From Bikes & the City.
A great blog,
that makes me wish I had the daily cycling culture that exists in SF.

But I love riding in my city,
just as much as I love good coffee!

Thanks! M

bike goodies


I wanted this shirt!

But as always,
a couple hours late,
or a couple dollars short,
all sold out. DAMN.

But go through and check the sale T's.
Still found a couple of deals, gotta love a $6 T.

Don't think sending the boys stickers

will net me a shirt,
or free shipping,
or a water bottle.
oh well.

And some Swobo stuff came in,
sale knickers are almost sold out,
and as usual...
I got an extra pair, after summer is over.
now I have to dig out the knee and arm warmers....

Monday, October 5, 2009

still here

photo lurking
online lurking
and generally staying busy.

on top of an extended work week,
there was the Bicycle Coalition meeting,
the gallery showing,
kids in school and soccer,
the general stuff arond the house,
the dog rescue fundraiser,

and then I go to bed early like an old man.
I surprised myself when I realised it had been a week
since I last posted, sorry
life seems to have gotten away from me....
more tomorrow.

enjoy a photo of what makes America great!