Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So I was recently interviewed.

It came at the end of "Bike Month",
which was kind of a flop, at least in my little mind.
And I was sucking motivation
like a monster truck sucks high octane.

It reinforced my feeling as the "token bike commuter",
that only pops up during bke month.

Sometimes it just sucks going by bike.
Gotta go across town,
the sketchy part of town,
late at night.

Don't want to walk around with cleats,
and the only bike with flat pedals is the dirt jumper,
that's single speed.

and you have to bring a ten pound art book with you,
and really don't want to walk around with a messenger bag?

There I was,
pedaling my ass off.
Didn't get jumped.
But it sucked.

Tired off being the "bike guy".
There's the "photo guy",
the "art guy",
I'm even more of a "family guy", in a lot of ways.
But my name isn't Peter,
and as big as I am,
he's still got more poundage.

But I'm just "the bike guy".
So disappointed with it,
I deleted this blog.
(luckily blogger is an easy girlfriend to get back together with)
Restoring the flickr account,
F me!
I''ve always admitted I'm an idiot.
I'm back after my self imposed exile.

I'm also a "dog guy",
actually more of "the guy who's wife rescues all of those dogs".
That's my usual introduction to non-bike people.