Friday, May 20, 2011


Every month is bike month.
And every day is bike to work day.

At some point last year
the apathy of others
killed my motivation.
I came to realize that:
just because you have a bike "event",
doesn't mean that cyclists will show up,
or care.
No matter how accommodating
you try to be.

Unless some highspeed lightrail
pops up over night,
and gas goes to $8 a gallon,
I'm not placing any bets on 'change'.

But I did do an interview for
The Business Journal on,
what I'm know for,
the Token Bike Commuter.

We'll see how it went.
I tend to say really stupid shit.
Those people who still call me
their friend,
must have a judgement deficit.
Or be easily amused.

was a Bike Safety class for Pre K
and second graders at the elementary
school. Best described as trying to
give kittens a bath, after feeding them
sugar. Doubt there's a way to measure
any success with it. For the 80 second
graders I resorted to the secret stash
of blinkies in the messenger bag.

Some kids were psyched.

Sure some teachers were not.

And it's off to work.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bike Week & bike work

I think it's Bike Week.
The Ride of Silence is tomorrow,
but I'll be at work.
There's a group ride tonight,
but I've been on the couch, sick.
The Commuter Contest got canned.
Sucks, cause I liked that one.

Friday I'll be doing a bike safety class
at the kid's school.
'Bike to Work Day'?
Well, that's pretty much everyday.

Bike Month just doesn't have the
punch that it used to.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wheels are Wheels

I have been spending too much time
on the dirt jumper.

To the point of using the bus
to commute to work,
so I can ride to and from the bus stop.
There is just no way to pedal
more than a mile on this thing.

At some point I need to get back on
the cross bike.
But this is a good summer diversion,
something I didn't know I needed.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Flat Stanley

The tradition continues.
I never had a Flat Stanley as a kid,
but he makes even the most redundant events
a little more eventful,
I suppose.

Stanley and I went out for a good ride,
pictures for the cousin's 'Stanley's Vacation'.
All documented.
He's a pretty good guy to ride with.
Just sits in the bag with nothing to say.
Sometimes you need that on a ride.