Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not on the curb, yet!

Chaos has derailed my feeble attempt
at regular posts. But I'm gonna drag
this blog back to the top of the

Kind of hard to do a bike blog with
daily posts - that isn't recycled news
that has already been spread around
the small bike-blogosphere. And to
write daily about the commute? Goes
like this:
"ugh, cold. Stiff legs"
"ok, go!"
"argh, stupid pothole"
"c'mon! Give me some room!"
"remember, warmer mitts tomorrow"
"could you pass any closer?!"
"what time is it"
"am I late?"
"wonder if I smell funky?"
"what's that creaking sound?"

There you go.
Every commute more or less,
in announcer form.