Thursday, September 8, 2011

Electric Children

Spreading this stuff thin!

Just set up a smugmug pro account
for the 'cross season. Gonna be a son-
of-a-bitch getting last years photos
loaded, but seems like the easiest way
for people to get their photos.

Along with the other electronic children
I've been ignoring, there's a whole
'nother project in the works.

Set on Repeat?

it's been a week.
And nothing has changed.
Barely made it through Irene,
a couple days of clear skies...
and the rain is back.

In my usual laziness
I never put away the pump & hoses,
so when I woke up to another yard
filled with water.
As I made coffee,
all I needed to do was plug the pump
back in.
Laziness Rewarded.

Not to make another post about boring
weather. Those were the conversations
I used to have with my dad,
when there was nothing to talk about.
We didn't share the same interest
in anything until I had kids. That was
our one common bond, weather was
the conversation filler during the
periodic phone call.

Analogy, sports related. This weather
is much like (and not helping) my
prep for the upcoming 'cross season.

So let's move this back to the usual
bike related things!