Thursday, November 25, 2010

For the Dogs!

That was 'Turkey Day'.
Hanging out with the dogs,
get some movies in,
the cat stole the turkey
as it cooled off.

I live in a zoo.

A quiet day for reflection
of those things I'm thankful for,
And some mandatory food induced
nap time on the couch.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Walking home from dropping the kids off at school (not pool, school),
I got caught up in the idea of: do we always want what we didn't have
growing up?

I'm a product of suburbia.
Something that I haven't liked since...

And when it came time to buy a house. I wanted something 'in town' and
central to everything. Over the years I've reaped the benefits of
living in the city. Skip trying to find a parking place for anything
in town, just bike.

While walking the two blocks back home I wonder if my kids will want
the opposite. A ranch house out in the country? A 'new' house in some
nicely named subdivision? A place that doesn't embrace cycling? Where
every commute must be by car. Or will they want something that
represents how they grew up? I'm not sure.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let's have a new series!

A $5,000 open sprint.
Pretty simple.
Note the bunny hop over the BMW @ 1:41!
The local elite 'cross series has a $750 payout,
for the season.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Running on Empty!

Up til 2am.

All the art is set.
Thirteen in all.
another ten right down the street,
at the gallery.

There is absolutely NOT
enough coffee to get through the day!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

things bike related

Best costume for a 'cross race!

because it's a bike blog...
isn't it?
One of my past Times Union posts:Can't get there from here.
Nothing big, just putting them out there.
Or you can just click along to the right....

Getting back to four races worth of photos,
to sort & post to flickr... sorry guys, and girls.

the day of the dead!

You should stop by here all the time,
especially today! Bikes and the City.

All Saints Day!

dia de los Muertos!
Sadly there will be no candy skull tattoos for me today.
But I'll make up for that later, trust me!

Today will be an entire day of sorting,
and sitting in front of the computer.

The Mrs. pulled off a great Halloween party on Saturday night.
So good,
that I skipped my self imposed pre race bedtime,
and stayed up all night drinking by the fire pit.
THAT resulted in an awesome race six hours later.
So there's some photos from the Vermont Wicked Creepy race.
And some really bummed out guys that couldn't beat an old,
fat, very hung over guy.
Goal of NOT getting last, achieved!

That's really pathetic, actually.
So I think it was 30th out of 34 or 31st out of 36,
pretty bottom of the barrel.

So I shot masters, single speed, 3/4 and womens.
Then headed out.
Out where, you ask?
To shoot the best wedding ever!

My tattoo artist & friend.
A great mix of Halloween, rock 'n roll, and tattoo convention.
Complete with a bride in a hearse!
And today is my final day to prep for my first solo show,
opening this Friday @ The Wine Bar & Bistro!