Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tour of the Battenkill interview with Dieter Drake

My first "real" interview. An impressive event and a great guy behind it.
Along with this post,
I'll be driving a SAG wagon for the pro/am event.
And set with a press pass, shooting the UCI pro event,
kinda feeling like a little kid going to his first 'real' show,
but moms isn't dropping me off out front.
Read the post HERE.
Link it, forward it, get it out there! Thanks!

Friday, February 26, 2010

in the works...

it all comes rolling in.
But I've always learned to not count ahead,
and I'll go more into detail as things become official,
but the last two weeks have seen alot:
- my first three paintings were accepted into the next gallery show
- the fourth painting has been selected for an upcoming book cover
- 400 posts here
- number 10 post for the Times Union should have my first interview
- eagerly awaiting my first press/photo pass to a large race
- April will see two art shows on the same night
- the possibility of being part of a regional bike conference
- I'm hosting the now 2nd Annual Bike Night movie, hopefully.
- starting the process of self branding, or becoming my own business

not to mention the birthdays and family events
that will fill in the rest of the two months.

Getting booked up!


there will always be change.
Yes, I know that's a given.
But with everything going on in life,
it'ld be nice if some things could just be drama free.
For over two years all I've wanted is to just show up to work,
do my job,
and go home afterwards.
I never saw saw 'hostile work environment',
or 'must endure inappropriate comments' in the job description.

Now my joke has been,
I'm going to get a job as a heavy duty mechanic,
since I spend so much time under a bus.
(the bus I constantly get thrown under, get it?)

Sarcastically speaking, it's AWESOME that the economy is so bad,
the prevailing attitude is "if you don't like it, then leave".

So it was an awakening of sorts,
time to look at my life,
and figure out what options exist.
It has also helped keep things in check,
like the wanting of a new bike,
or more like - what can we do for a family vacation this year?
Where are we at with our bills?
Do we really need THAT, or THIS?
What things can we do without?

With both art and bikes,
my April and May are already getting booked full.
But with each event,
I'm trying to look at the possibility of growth,
'baby steps',
a backup plan,
or plan B.

As uncomfortable as change may be,
it should be welcomed.

It's just draining.

snow days are here

a wintery mess of snow, rain, snow, and alot more rain.
Tomorrow night is the first alleycat of the year,
seems everything is lined up for a night of cold wet suck!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kitsu Opening!

Tommy Watkins does it again.
Spent the evening at the grand opening for Kitsu, Tommy's latest
project. More photos to post.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Dog is Named Contest

When you put three kids under ten in charge,
you get pets with six names. I couldn't even begin to list them. But I
do have to review the submissions and see if we have a winner.
I think it goes something like:
Zekie Cheeky Tiki Monkey Simon Something and Something.

blinded me!

not with science though.
This is not a product review.
A while ago the LBS hooked me up with the Blackburn Flea combo set. I
was initially impressed, but wear and weather made short work of it.
So I looked at the riders around me. Everyone had Planet Bike, and
they seemed to be a decent company AND product. Well, the drivers have
gotten crappier with the incoming students, and I find myself taking
less traveled streets more often. So time to add to the collection.
Stopped in to grab a $14 Planet Bike, and walked out with a $29
Princeton Tec Swerve. Hmmmmm, it's freakin' bright for sure. But worth
two PB blinkies? Not sure yet.

Friday, February 19, 2010

one in ten

After 'work' I went to the skatepark.
Spending the winter hours indoors,
still working out the remote flashes,
and all the other various set ups.
The average seems to be,
for every hundred photos,
ten turn out "ok".

looking through photos...

when you feel the need to define yourself,
do you?
I never felt right defining myself as an artist,
but now, strangely, I do.
I remember someone saying,
"you're not a professional photographer,
until you pay your mortgage doing that."
it seemed to make sense.
I don't know.
So I sit here looking at photos,
trying to figure out how to "brand" and market myself,
how to launch a career.
Can't get a domain name with my name.
And as I make a list of all the things to do,
I feel like I'm at the base of a really big mountain,
with a really long hike ahead of me.
And the brief reassurances to the ego,
are quickly brushed aside by my self doubt.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Your Local Shop

'don't really believe in sponsoring teams. I'ld rather hook up a
local average rider that tells everyone about the shop, than some
really fast guy that tells everyone to shop online'

That's the best view ever.
And I really like my local shops.
Kids are out of school this week
so we stopped by the LBS.
The kids took a couple laps,
I picked up some tubes and some
close out gloves, that for some reason
smell like the shop.

The smell of rubber from the tires,
which I don't mind.
I like my shop.


About time! It's been a long dry winter.
Seems like DC got our batch.
But it was a nice change in the daily

bike thoughts, again...

I don't know where I stand on this one,
kind of like a Katy Perry song.
You should tune it out,
but it's kind of catchy,
but you don't want anybody to know
that you kind of like it.

I just know if I owned it,
I'ld probably only ride it late at night,
with no one around.

kicking new bikes

I continually tell myself,
"you have the perfect bike"
"you don't 'need' anything"
"it's the best 'do everything' bike"
"you can't maintain ONE bike properly,
let alone multiple bikes"

but I could sure go for THIS!
it's a 'cross,
it's a single speed,
and it's pretty limited.....

Infinty & Beyond, First Friday opener

Febuary, and a full house, and no parking.
That is a very good sign.

Bent Bikes.

Tommy Watkins.
Awesome as always.
Not sure if he can make something I don't like.
Haven't seen it yet.

Next door @ BID.
Still need to get a Cherry Blossom print.
She was at Samson's opener though,
so maybe this next month.

Fan of Film,
and of Pete the camera guru.

Samson's opening night

part two,
of a three stop night.
Samson's was packed.
Both art and people.
Good night and good times.

Red Square J Dilla Tribute set IV

Red Square J Dilla Tribute set III

fast and smooth tap,
didn't want to blow it out with a flash,
and no time to set up any other light.
this is what you get...

Red Square J Dilla Tribute set II