Saturday, August 9, 2008

sooooo close!

to me as you buzzed me while in a bike lane! come on, it's in the morning, no one's out on the road, and i haven't had enough coffee for this. Riding down the middle of a five foot wide bike lane and you feel the mirror race past your elbow, I'm already battling the endless headwind, and all I can do is mutter 'asshole' as i watch the tires ride the white dividing line. In the distance I can see the right turn, same one I take, but probably getting on the highway. A couple minutes later I round the corner to work. And there it is! If they're here this early, they must be stopping in for a minute, so I wait, and start planning what to say. You never get THAT chance! And I wait, I guess I WON"T get that chance to confront an asshole driver outside of thier 'saftey zone' of 4,000 lbs. All I can do is leave a note, that I waited for them. And I'll be watching for THAT car again. Nine hours later, as I leave, the note is still flapping in the breeze.

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