Friday, November 20, 2009

more puppies

let's see,
day off.
So I have a house to clean.
Dishes to do.
washer burns out, filling the basement with smoke.
air out the house.
Spend a chunk of the day doing legal documents
for the Bicycle Coalition,
something I've been blowing off for some time.
Then off to the bank to set up accounts.
Meet with the Principal at my son's school,
regarding some punk ass kid that took his basketball-
wrote his initials on it and claimed it was his.
So I have to go in and be a dick,
make demands,
insult someone's ability to raise their kid,
doubting the ball will be returned.
Stop into the local bike shop to look for new cold weather gear,
and maybe some rollers for the winter....
-don't ask.
Then we get the call,
as I'm heading to pick up kids,
and drop one off at a birthday party
(before heading off to the Bicycle Coalition meeting).

Ten adults, and THREE LITTERS of puppies.

I can't say it enough.

'I bought my dog from a pet store' - fucking moron.
'I bought my dog from a breeder' - clueless idiot.

Same person would drive a huge SUV, by themselves,
to an Earthday event. Just don't get the 'BIG PICTURE'.

If that 'person' was at the vet as we did a quick change of plans,
to pick up part of the problem they selfishly created,
I serious think I'ld take them in back and beat them.

enough idiots are not getting their collective asses beaten lately.

So we have four puppies now,
house is past it's limit with six dogs.

I'm drinking the worst coffee I've made in a LONG TIME.
Functioning on NO sleep.

if you're talking about your cute little purse dog,
that you paid soooooooo much money for,
and your friend slaps your $6 latte out of your hand
and kicks your ass,
it's not personal,
you're just an idiot.

On a good note,
the Principal actually drove over to punk ass kid's house,
after phone calls were ignored,
and retrieved the ball.

Some people really go out of their way to do the right thing.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Yes, I agree, PEOPLE ARE STUPID, enough idiots are not getting their collective asses beaten lately, and who knows, maybe your house is past it's limit with six dogs and you're drinking the worst coffee you've made in a LONG TIME. But look how adorable those puppies are!!!! Such sweetness, and innocence, brown eyes shining up at you and writhing, wriggling, snuggling bundles of fur.

Your kids must be overjoyed to have such awesome playmates in the house...even if it's only for a short time.