Tuesday, May 18, 2010

on vacation. forever?

Sorry to all of those people who check in-
to a non-updated blog,
just sitting here idle,
let's just finish this thing off for good.

Where do you begin?
There are so many tangents.


I have become quite comfortable.
In my scheduled T.U. post,
my easy commute job,
the quick meaningless Facebook posts,
the monthly submission to the Gallery,
the local bicycle coalition,
the random opinionated posts I leave here,
all of it.

I'm going nowhere fast.
It's been a year and I still haven't built my site,
my photos are not easy to see,
my art work is not developing,
my free time is not free,
while I get productivity squeezed from me at work,
I come home and flop onto my couch,
and mindlessly exist in front of the tv for hours.

I frantically tried to gather art for a different gallery.
I realized I'm still addicted to cars,
despite how much I loath the thought of them.
I didn't ride my bike for a week.
I didn't post on the T.U. site.
I didn't do anything yet for bike month.....
Should I have a bike focused blog?
Who cares?
Maybe my effort should be more focused,

Hate them, or ignore them, or live by them.
My first title is a father,
and there lies that struggle of:
sacrificing dreams in order to provide
realizing THIS is your life that you must LIVE (now) -
to it's fullest.
I am still trying to figure that process out,
every day.

I am also a cyclist,
but not a racer,
or for fitness.

It started for fitness,
then was misguided for awhile,
then rebeled against the car driven culture,
and eventually reconnected with the childhood -
fun of simply riding a bike.

And with support of the art community,
I finally feel comfortable with the implied label-

Liberty on Bikes!?
What's that?
I don't know.
A thought.
A statement.
A domain name search I could own.
But for the limited time I don't have control of,
and the focus needed,
I think LoB is going on vacation,
while I retool/reconfigure my life.

Similar to an escape plan....

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...well, it's been great reading about your adventures in life, and I'll certainly miss reading your blog. But, I totally get needing to take a break. I hope you do decide to retool and reappear... you've got some licks in your writing style, and I'd love to hear more.

We, any of us, can only do so much. There's just not enough time to do it all. So what we choose to spend our time on, well, makes a difference. That's why I dumped Facebook, don't play video games, and try to limit my TV watching to shows that will inform me about something, or that will make me laugh. Why bother with the rest of it?

Setting goals and designating priorities can be useful. But, it's really all about the process...the journey we take to get to the goals (conveniently listed by priority). It's about "how" you live your life.

What brings me some peace of mind is knowing that all of us are searching...it is human nature. We all seek to express ourselves.

Looking forward to the next iteration.... Twisted