Friday, September 24, 2010

The Little Things

I'll just say it,
I pass on the right,
I think it's stupid
when the light turns red,
that I stop 10 cars back,
and just sit there.
drivers rarely respect my part.
They will try to pull around me,
as I'm stopped for the light.

And obviously if cars are turning right,
I fall back a bit.
And I try to stay out of blindspots.

The other day commuting home,
I was three cars back as the light
turned red.
Instead of creeping to the front,
the thing you always hear drivers
complaining about,
I moved a little more into the lane,
and held my spot.

The driver behind me slowly crept.
Somehow I should just move?

As the light turns green,
I pace the car in front of me
2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet behind.
Keeping pace with the slow
rush hour traffic.
It's not hard.

As I enter the intersection
I'm almost a car length behind.
I check my position in the lane
since there's no shoulder after.
That's when the driver passes.
Overtaken in the intersection,
with no out,
flanked by a curb,
and a rear quarter panel.
I hit the brakes,
keep the cadence,
and drop onto this asshole's bumper.
As they passed,
I could've dropped my left hand down
and adjusted their mirror.

I pace a foot off of their bumper
for the next two lights,
as the driver chatted on their cell.
Then they turn into the grocery store.
Haphazardly parked,
and walked across the parking lot,
with the cell still glued to their ear.

Should I do it?
Fuck yeah!

So I dug into my bag,
found my little friend,
and glanced around the parking lot.
No one around.
I casually rolled up to the car.
No valve caps on,
even easier!
Leaned over,
and with a couple counterclockwise
turns...... out popped the core!
Followed by a too obvious.....

I fumbled the core.
No time, people are approaching!
I push off to finish my commute.

Did that driver learn of what they did?
But no most even care?

I felt better.
If you're gonna throw 2 tons within
inches of me,
you're gonna be walkin'
when I find your car.
It might not be today,
or even next week.

The Karma Police?
I don't know.
Aggresive/bad driver therapy?

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