Thursday, October 7, 2010

the OTHER side of the camera

Sometimes you know EXACTLY where you need to be
to get the perfect photo.

And sometimes there's three or four other people
with the exact same idea.

And no one wants you in their background.

Some people are cool and work around it.
Other's are pushy little punks
(I'll post that one later).

It's nice to meet cool people,
and really appreciate it when they take time to
mentioning this sad little blog...
At Ommegang we met Lindsay who does photomudd.
Had a good conversation about what to do
with all of the photos after a race.
(need photos from Ommegang? Visit photomudd!)

FB albums.
Your own site.
She's using SmugMug...

I don't have an opinion on that yet.
To sort a thousand photos,
then to slowly load them onto flickr,
that is a day of suck.

another time killer: my new art site
just another electronic child to neglect...

But I got stickers, business cards, flickr account,
and the 'site'. So I should show it some love I guess.

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