Saturday, October 22, 2011

Neato stuff!

Well, first off I've almost pulled the plug
on this blog, twice.
But it's easier to ignore it as life
becomes too busy.
But isn't it always?

So maybe it becomes the online
journal of my frantic & sporadic mind?

Bikes are still the drug of choice,
and they get mixed in with art & the
camera. So on that note.

I almost hit delete on this particular
email. You order one thing years ago,
and receive weekly adds every week.
I should unsubscribe, but you never
know. Lucky us!

Timbuk2 was my standby bag, first a
plain old medium, then you realize
exactly how much you can carry by
bike. And then the upgrades begin!
So I got a multi paneled large. But
in America we're never satisfied until
we over do it. And we have to be
different (cause that makes you just
a bit better than the guy next to you
at the light). So I got on the pedestal
and got a Reload. And why not get a
rolltop for those 'hauling' car free bike
commuter needs?

But the biggest issue is camera gear!
Camera bags suck to ride with, plus
you still need to stash tools & tubes.
And a messenger bag is unnerving
when you have lenses digging into
your back, flashes bumping into
cameras, and you have to dig through
it all.

Finally my need was met! Available in
Small or Medium, I think I'ld still take
a Large option. Timbuk2 now has an
insert available. Lined, zipper closure,
and adjustable dividers. Good thing I'm
a pack rat & still have all of my bags.
I'll set this up & give you an update!

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