Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 "Damnit Janet" - to quote my old boss.
 Been gone for a year!
There's burnout for you, or a change in direction, or an inability to multitask... I don't know.
It felt like all the time I dedicated to cycling, I just shifted onto art.
Neither completely leaves, but 100% of either becomes completely lifesucking draining. 
Balance. That's it.
 So it's been a year of trips to NYC, photo jobs, painting, gallery shows, semi-pointless self promotion, a ton of dog fostering, a new dog, a huge clearing out of bike inventory in a move to simplify one aspect of my life. This break has given time to reflect on why I even commute by bike.
It's funny as I occasionally read the obvious driver comments on any thing cycling related.
There's no self righteousness in commuting.
 Nothing dignified in suffering.
It's not always convenient.
I'm not looking for a pedestal.
 Most of the time I'm just trying to get from fucking point A to B without getting killed by an idiot.
 And... unfortunately THAT altercation happens about once a week.
And then I get fired up.
And I think I can change things, or I need to vent.
And then I just get tired of it.
 And then you go back out into it.