Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'ld like more projects please!

After BIKE MONTH I had a little loss of motivation.
By little I mean total.
One part of a mass realization was:
"what am I doing with this blog?"
It's not always bike focused.
It's actually just posts on the randomness of my life,
and a part of my life is that I ride a bike.

So if it's not 100% bike,
who's gonna read it.

So I let it sit for a month.
And I concluded,
who cares?

Liberty on Bikes! is nothing more than the obvious
that being on a bike
gives you liberty.

And this blog is the online diary
of a guy randomly stumbling through life.
Nothing more, maybe alot less.

So after six or seven years,
I finally made some progress in building 'the' ramp.
and it's slowly taking shape.

We have two foster dogs with us.
Yeah, that's nothing new or shocking.
But one reminds us of Pig,
our dog who passed after fourteen years,
and the best dog ever
(everyone uses that, but in this case it's true).

I finally got around to getting a domain name,
and started to build a page for my work,
since that's the first thing I get asked.

Still unsure what to do with the bicycle coalition.
Can't find the motivation or inspiration to make things happen.
I have no dream, therefore no plan.

Broke the phone, but now we're operational.
So the best use of time is to do mobile posts (quality huh?).

And there we go.
It's been a week out from the last post.
I feel like a chef who is making six pots of mac & cheese,
nothing quality & tasty, just time consuming....

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...yeah....but, it's YOUR mac&cheese, and that's why we stop by YOUR site. It's not just anybody's mac&cheese, no matter how mundane the dish (or topic)...

....it's mac&cheese ala LoB!

Dave Barry and Garrison Keillor do pretty much the same thing.

Personal style and perspective make "the dish" the unique creation of the chef....so, no more dissin' the mac&cheese....

After all, life IS like a box of chocolates....AND a plate of mac&cheese...

Now, carry on!

PS - contact me for the BEST mac&cheese recipe EVER