Thursday, June 17, 2010


Someone gets interviewed.

During the month of everything bikes.
As I finish a phone conversation about how overextended
I feel between: bike coalition, advocacy, work, foster dogs,
photography, commuting by bike, kid's activities, blogging,
art, house projects, galleries and what seems like a million
other things, I realize maybe I need to do some shedding of
responsibilities, or buy a car.

The other phone rings. I hate phones. They exist on the
same level as cars. I need to get to work. Grab my bag, bike,
and helmet. As I walk out the door, the voicemail chimes.
Caller ID and voicemail make for my own assistant. Check the
message, it's a reporter calling about Bike to Work day. OH!
It's Friday.
It's Bike to Work Day.
But everyday is biking to work day....

We talked for a while as I walked.
Good questions.
Conversation is over.
I start my ride, then realize...
"how will my answers get reworked?",
"will it be out of context?",
"could I have said something better?".
As I pull up to work, I call Tim back.
A good ride opens the mind.
Thoughts are clearer.

Maybe I need to keep this work load.

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Leighalice said...

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