Monday, July 11, 2011


Simply put,
I'm a creature of habit.
When I worked at a skate shop,
all I owned was ipaths.
Tons of them. A pair for every day of
the month.
You find something that works,
or fits... ya stick with it.

In contrast, my cycling shoes?
It took a couple pairs, but finally my
Sidi Dominator mtbs were/are
awesome for everything.
Except for those times where you don't
want to look like a bike geek.
Problem is, I don't want to grab a
wrench to put on some bmx flats just
to ride to the store, or gallery, or bar.
Which was part of the reason I built
up the DJ bike. Something I could just
hop on with regular shoes and ride.
No clip-clapping around like a hefty
tap dancer, or slipping on beer covered
floors like it was ice.

Yes, Chrome makes a pair of SPD
shoes, as does Vans. But all black
doesn't do it for me. No thanks.

BUT! I came across the Districts from

Tried to google any reviews or fit
opinions with no luck. So I bit the
bullet and with a couple clicks, they
were on their way!

First impression? Solid! Clean and
simple. The fit is true to size. Not too
narrow. I have monsterously wide feet
and these are snug, but not tight. So
no thick socks, unless they stretch out.

So I'm mildly psyched on them.
Since I'm no longer a shoe whore,
(I think I have more bikes than shoes)
hopefully these will stay in regular
rotation. Gonna go pick up an extra
set of cleats and go for a ride!

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