Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Tracks

We made it out!
Not out of the storm yet,
but we got out on the trails early this

Years ago we took the dogs out to
the preserve,
and came back covered with ticks.
Something I never experienced while
living out west. The fact that most of
the land in the northeast is private and
posted really killed my motivation for
mountain biking. So it was back to the
20", a couple times. A short go at the
road bike - but I don't take myself too
serious. Mix in commuting, and the
perfect weapon was the 'cross bike.

But today was fun. Sandy & packed
rolling trails, totally doable on a 'cross
bike. And no tick issues today. Looks
like I'll be heading back for more trail
time as the kids head back to school.
And I think I'll try to squeeze another
day in with the not-so-mini-me.

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