Sunday, August 7, 2011

What do you choose?

It's one of those stories.

The kind you hear as you trail at the
end of a group ride. Casually rolling
along, making small talk.

"So this lady at my work,
her husband won his choice of ANY
bike. Up to $5000. And he doesn't
ride! So he wants to unload it."

"Whats IT?" you ask.

Well, any bike they make...
Carbon frame with Dura Ace?
a carbon frame hardtail mountain bike,
a full suspension cross country rig.

Except this time,
it's not me listening to some
unbelievable story.

So I told him to order my size.
See if you can sell it,
and when it gets to hard to unload,
give me a call....

But I still don't know what to tell him
to order. If that company made a
$5000 cross bike, there'ld be NO
question. I'm psyched on my SRAM
stuff, and cross bikes...
so a carbon/Dura Ace bike is just
as appealing as a SRAM f/s rig.

Don't know what to choose....
Or, if I'll even get a chance to.

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