Thursday, September 4, 2008


The family unit managed to get away for a week in Rye, New Hampshire.

I've never been to New Hampshire, and what I could find online was
limited. I still loaded up all the bikes, and headed out. Rye is
just a few miles north of Hampton Beach, a busy boardwalk typical
tourist trap. It was the perfect vacation, being able to park the
family truckster and walk & bike everywhere. Although there are
limited walk ways along the beachfront, the traffic is slow and for
the most part bicycle friendly. This is probably the cause of my
HDT or Hostile Driver Trauma, or PVHDT - the Post Vacation version.

There wasn't any safe area for the kids to ride, besides the
neighborhood street, but I had the opportunity to stretch the legs
each day for a couple miles. Passing cyclists every few minutes has
a calming effect for the day, knowing you're just one of many
cyclists a driver notices along the way. Early morning beach
exploring, coastline hammering through tight corners, and riding
through the random afternoon bank of fog definately made it a
memorable trip. Along with meeting my seafood quota for the rest
of the year. I give Rye a recommend, and if you're in need of beer
soaked teenage spring break rehashes, then Hampton Beach.

Next year I think will be Maine, and possibly a loop over to Quebec
and then to Montreal (a favorite stop). With our week over, we
packed up and headed back to the drama of a city that doesn't care,
a police force that could care less, and drivers who deserve
even less.


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Janice Lois said...
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