Tuesday, September 29, 2009

email forwards

and missing what's going on around you


I don't know why
but most of the ones I recieve fall into two categories:
a. 'this-is-a-touching-story-you-are-loved-pass-this-on'
or more common,
b. the 'anti-minority-it's-us-or-them-hate-and-propaganda'
which is only a more articulated form of reading the comments
section to any AOL news article. Uneducated, misinformed,
third hand information gathered from some clueless Fox mouthpiece.

both usually get the delete button without a second look,
the title will hopefully hint what I'm sparing myself from,
then you get the:
"You HAVE to check this out"
ok, you got me.

Well two years ago I guess I WAS under a rock,
but this is an interesting piece.

One of the world's best violinist,
within days of playing a sold out show,
playing in the DC metro station,
at least one person noticed.

Just makes the point of how aware are you?
along with the study,
of perception of value and art/music.

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