Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Friday,

after the second Friday?
Sure, that's how I do.

The stress rollercoaster just keeps going...
I keep telling myself,
"it's just this week, let's just get through the weekend".
and then it starts all over again.
So lets go back a week (and some)

Twelve straight shows submitted and accepted to.
and this was a little bit of a change.
'Tag', a juried show, was not a 'photography' type event.
And shooting works on freight cars, too obvious.
All of my works were accepted, five.
One consisted of four individual frames,
so eight pieces to frame and drop.
Turned out to be a big undertaking.

And then there was the one night only show,
a block away,
on the same night.
Three works in that show.

Three works that would need to be taken down
at the end of the night.
Great feedback was given,
and an unusually crowded night
in every gallery.

Earlier, there was the logistics of
transporting all this work,
by bike.

The food prep for both shows,
and delivering of food,
by bike.

And there of course is work,
and delays,
and schedule changes.

And there was the foster dog who got picked up,
and then returned the next day.
'Just wasn't ready for a puppy, sorry'.
Yeah, that wasn't well thought out.
I seem to be living in the 'what happens in the next couple days?'
I can't seem to live in the now.

It's going through the motions today,
while focusing on the next day,
which I will not be enjoying,
because of the next upcoming day.

It was a great night.
But it wasn't fully enjoyed,
due to the big stress looming at the end of the night.

The 1 am bus to Buffalo.
All night was a count down,
reverse time management takes more effort
than the event you're counting down to.

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