Tuesday, September 29, 2009

guard the valuables

there seems to be a couple of collections in this house,
not counting animals,
broken and dismembered toys,
or roving dust creatures...

one, being a coffee feind,
is the coffee cups.
surprisingly I still have my original Salsa cup,
fifteen years without carnage.
don't let the fifteen year thing bother you....
it's clean.
along with my UFF DA! (from my dad)
and my BAD ASS COFFEE COMPANY (Salt Lake City)
they have a subconcious calming effect
admist all of the morning chaos.

it only comes to mind
after removing my favorite water bottles
from the family truckster.

the kids must have looted mine,
after loosing or destroying their own.
Somehow these were not left on the soccer field,
or chewed on by the dog,
or have the rancid smell of curddled milk.

I have my precious favorite water bottles,
and I don't like to share,
for fear of ending up with some crappy unwanted bottle.

The 'safe place' in the fridge has been discovered.
Time to dry and hide the bottles,
like I hide the candy.

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100poundsago said...

So I just spent like a crazy amount of time reading this far on your site. Love the photos, love the art, love the writing. I will be back for more later.