Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the goodness

I do not live in a cycling paradise.
Some days I see no cyclists,
other days maybe five
or ten if it's a nice day.

The scene is not big,
if there is a scene at all.
For being the Capital city
it's actually quite pathetic.

Online expands the community.
You're not the only one who loves to ride,
you're not the only one who rides in the snow,
or the only one who commutes everyday,
in the rain.
maybe in your city, but not in the country
or world.

there's alot of enjoyable blogs out there,
little treasures to be discovered,
and some really good people behind them...
for my weekend brewing pleasure I recieved this in the mail!

From Bikes & the City.
A great blog,
that makes me wish I had the daily cycling culture that exists in SF.

But I love riding in my city,
just as much as I love good coffee!

Thanks! M

1 comment:

m e l i g r o s a said...


Keep your bike-esteem high, you are a community role model and inspiration, even if no one is around you, you continue to set change leadership to people, because they see you even if they dont tell you. Dont stop riding and stay motivated!!

weeeeeeee :D