Friday, October 23, 2009

the best time?

the best time for sleeping
is not the best time for getting some photos.

I have spent too much time trying to sum up the trip,
and as always,
leads to tangents on life in general.

Why do I always make an effort to get sunrise/sunsets?
because where I live
there is no scenic spot to see a sunset.

So the locals just walk on by,
because there's always an opportunity to see it.
And I eagerly assume the role of 'idiot tourist'
to snap a photo of an everyday occurance.

Then you realise what you love about your home.
So I spent the better part of the week
drinking to midnight,
take a five hour nap,
switch hats,
grab a camera bag and coffee at 5:30 and head out.

I only appreciated the warm weather
because back at home they had an odd streak of 32 degrees.

I only appreciated the sand and palm trees
because I knew I was going back to brownstones
and narrow cobble streets that I love.

I'm really trying to avoid posting the 5,000 palm tree shots.


erik k said...

looks like a nice break from reality

libertyonbikes! said...

funny thing is....
I would stand at the beach and just think how you had THIS
EVERY day.

then I thought how you're now freezing with the rest of us,

then I would giggle and go get a beer in my tshirt and check the weather and laugh some more.

now I'm home,
iceskating my way across wet leafs
riding towork and digging out the thermals......