Thursday, October 29, 2009

hello, welcome to technology

1. I'm a 'retro-grouch'. Still haven't owned a bike with disc brakes.
I was probably THE LAST person to start buying CDs. And only got my
ipod last year.

2. I love to make fun. Of you, your mom, myself, anyone at anytime, so
with people camping out front of Apple stores to pay $399 for a phone?
Ahhh, too easy.

3. I hate phones, hate them. Don't answer them.

So I finally stepped into 2008 and got an iphone.
I still prefer to NOT TALK, I'm the strong, silent type, you know?
But man this thing is awesome! It needs a name, it's ALMOST as cool
as my bike (don't let my bike know, it might go and break down on me).

So, we had the Bicycle Master Plan meeting.
I have another show coming up (that I should be putting my work
together instead of sitting here).


Art for
A great non profit organization and show.

It's this Sunday, November 1st.
I have two photos up for sale.
Funny though, I somehow DIDN'T get on the advetisement.
It's ok, the ego doesn't need anything right now.

It will be cool to be showing with celebs, musicians, and
ACTUAL artists (ones who make a living through their art).
Maybe I'll be next to Lou Reed's photo of his dog, who knows.

And I have been riding.....
Funny how 10 days of a non-riding vacation leaves you starved,
I end up sprinting to and from work. What the hell?
I'm in no hurry. Ever!

So, I still have ALL the photos of people crossing the
Livestrong Challenge finishline.

A couple of unposted art shows.

an incredible vacation, yeah I know,
who wants to see THAT?

and tonight is the bike coalition meeting......
I need a vacation from life.

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