Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Carlin is right

Who profits from stupidity?

Never one for huge conspiracy theories,
BUT you can not look around at the general public
and wonder what would be possible if people would
be more critical in their thinking, and be less passive
in their day to day living.



Thanks for the video clip and your is so true. Unfortunately, when I bring up the subject, many people aren't strong enough to handle the truth of the matter. The response I usually get?...hands over ears, eyes closed, and nonstop "lalalala nananana" utterances until we change the subject to something safe, like sports, Hollywood gossip, cars, clothes and other "stuff." My response to that is about the same as theirs is to my topic of discussion. Hence, very little meaningful communication. People need to wake the fuck up....seriously.


Jenni said...

I heart George Carlin.