Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weigh in time...

So this holiday season was the usual unkind-to-me holiday.
I can check off 'quit smoking'
I can check off 'sell car, commute by bike'
checked off 'sell off all the stock piled bikes'
checked off 'build one "perfect do-all bike" and be a one bike person'
checked off 'clean out closets of unneeded clothes & such'

The new goal was avoiding the weekly trips to Borders for
random bike magazines.
They were starting to gather in piles that resembled a kid's fort.
So this post holiday break I purged the magazines!
I'll check in on Urban Velo online.
Still not sure about Bicycle Times, think I may keep that one.
And may pickup ROAD after I thumb through it and like the photos,
their online sucks for a lack of their trademark photography work.
As much as I usually ride,
I hit a two week break from the bike.
And with that AND all the treats at work,
well, weight was the BIG gift I got.
I maxed out at 237. THAT SUCKS!

So back on the bike I got.
Funny how your some-what-fitness can shrink in all of two weeks!
And on my first day back I was greeted with a nice warm morning.
Warm is 32 degrees. On the way home, I got below freezing snow-
turning to slushy ice mess. The only thing I didn't pack was-
BOOTIES! Yeah! Wet socks and shoes are FUN!

So I've cut back on the eating.
I got a set of rollers.
Plans to set up the road wheels,
and start turning those cranks indoors.
I'm not the fitness type at ALL.
About five pounds a month.
Already ditched the seven from the holidays,
now I'm back to the usual 229/230.
The past summer was 224/225 with the riding.
So I've committed myself to a better diet,
and calorie counting, since riding is semi controlled.
Add some yoga/pilates ball stuff, cause it's one thing to be big,
but to have the agility of a brick building....
makes you feel even older than you are.

The other goal is to build my photograph knowledge,
and devote more time to getting my work 'out there'.
Flickr and I need to spend more time together.

Happy winter riding!

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m e l i g r o s a said...

i like this post, way real, me likes.
stay inspired +happy riding :D