Friday, January 8, 2010

let me get the door for you...

"Ahhh, the holiday parties. I thought we were at the same party for a moment. I was attacked briefly for giving a couple neighbors a heart attack with my first post. Who knew non-cyclists read this blog? Not me. But then it opened this great dialog with some neighbors that I didn't know cycled, and some shared bad-driver stories with a few who walk the dogs and jog. Showing that bad drivers are just bad drivers. I left that party NOT feeling disrespected.

But I will argue with them WHEN THEY ARE WRONG. And I keep promising myself that the next person that nearly kills me, I will physically remove them from thier weapon (car). Intelligent people can show empathy and understand mutual respect. For those that are narcissistic or too stupid to comprehend right of ways, I will stand up for myself, for my kids on the street, and for you. All too often little people are using the car as 'muscle', an "I'll show you!".

YEAH? Then get out of the car an have the conversation face to face. I'm more than willing to help you out of the car, let me get the door. If there was actual enforcement for poor and agggressive driving, Albany would be ALOT better place, even for other drivers. Ahhhhhh, I'll stop for now. Sorry!"

That was my quick response to the latest TU post. I can't stop it. The rage from some careless idiot nearly killing me each week, and the fact that when one of them does, nothing will happen. They pay a small fine. The insurance company fights for some mediocre settlement. My family struggles. Kids grow up without a father. And the idiot carries no guilt because it was an accident, and goes on being an idiot.

Oh the rage and insult.....

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