Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poet's Night Out (is more)

As mentioned previously,
and previously again,
Jason from Rocbike.com contacted me to do originally
a photograph for his first book of poetry.
I was feeling not-so-inspired.
Lucky for both of us,
he really liked a random painting I recently did.
And that was it.
I met my obligation, moving on to the next thing.
So I thought.

As with everything Jason does,
there's another, farther reaching dynamic.
I'm now painting and carrying a camera.
My third showwith a painting is in a week.
And with this particular painting,
at first I thought Jason deserved to own it,
since in a roundabout way I'm now published,
thanks to him.

Then, in the back of my mind, I worried,
"what if it's my lucky painting"
"what if it's the only successful painting"
maybe I should hold on to it.

This last week Jason asked to purchase it.
Well, in a way it's already his, I thought.
With his book debute at a local tavern,
it's only proper that the painting also be there.
I can paint another,
something just as good,
off I went for canvas and paint.
And we agreed on a price.

On a cold and raining night,
little Wednesday Addams and I headed out to the tavern.
It was open mic night.
Several people read.
Some held my interest, others not.
Jason got up to read from his book with the painting in hand.
He explained the story of the cover.
I had forgotten.
That it's the only book that publisher has printed,
with no print on the cover,
as to not take away from the artwork.
Jason then went into a poem
that had me humming a Johnny Cash song.

Then I noticed it.
This little guy to the side of the stage.
To many it's nothing that shocking.
But it's the subtle careful pathlike steps.
Something, that as a father and a son,
hit me.

The inspiration we have on those little people running around us.

Following his father's footsteps?


Jason Crane said...

This is an amazing post, Bob. And the photos -- I don't have words.

Sally said...

This was wonderful. Apparently, you're not only a gifted artist but a wonderful writer as well. Thanks so much for posting those great pictures of my son and grandson. It was so nice to be see them, especially since I wasn't able to be there.

Anonymous said...

i love the painting and these photos of the event are wonderful!


...what a gift you give to us...by sharing your journey so openly. Your creativity runs deep...and you are just beginning..... tj