Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cars vs Bikes (again)

Where do you get educated? Where does that info come from?
Years of driving and even more riding,
I’ve never seen anything driver or cyclist related.
Unless you are diligent, join a cycling group,
or randomly come across a brochure, you don’t know.

It’s sad and annoying that it will take years of pressure
to get the DMV to add a ‘yeild to’ or ‘cycling/pedestrian’
question on the driver’s test.

And many proactive communities have safe cycling in their
elementary school program,
but who’s going to pick up that challenge?

Enforcement. Here? I almost spit my coffee!
I’ll commute in a dress if the PD ever takes aggressive
driving seriously. Seriously!

As a side note. Just from a driver to driver – you cannot argue
that there is NOT a problem out on the roads. Texting, tailgating,
illegal passing, speeding down residental streets, running red lights,
speeding through school zones, I see every day. Either on the bike or
in the car.

The car is different though, cause I have a chance to survive an idiot’s poor decision. The bike? No chance.

You getting on a bike may (or may not) influence some person you’re not aware of, to start riding. Who will then influence someone else.
And THAT is how it happens!

Ride through your neighborhood.
Ride to the corner store.
Ride your kids to school.
Ride to the park.
Ride to work one day a week.
Help the kid across the street change his tire, so he can ride again.
Just pick one.

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Eric said...

Followed the link from TU.

Enticement always gets me. Our govt gives a handout to every politico and whino with a cause, but very little to biking.

Bicycling is green, can reduce most of the top 10 preventable killers in the US, can reduce vehicular congestion, are cheap to own and use compared to cars, is already the transportation of choice for 1 in 250 workers, and much more. But there is little public incentive and a lot of misdirected anger towards cycling.

It would be frustrating if you couldn't stand back and laugh at the dysfunction. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and to heck with everyone else.