Thursday, April 22, 2010

NYS Bicycling Summit

A photo retrospect.
Or is it introspect?

(sigh) THIS is not good.
1. Like walking into a "party", and the only people there are
three guys from the debate club happy that some one came.
"want a Sprite or a Coke?"

2. A room full of people arranging an event to talk about themselves,
nothing wrong with that, except they (the cyclists) were the only
ones to show up. Me thinks the $ should have been spent taking the
politicians out to dinner (lap dances optional). If you're known
for being a good time, people come to your parties. Otherwise
'bribe' your interests. That's just how New Yak works. These guys
have no interest to increase the number of cyclists in front of
thier BMW, unless it can be used to market how 'green' they are
during reelection.

how about just don't run me over?
all the material is geared towards cyclists.
Don't get hit, Be seen, Ride correctly,
you never see brochures for "Don't drive like a reckless prick".
There's twenty times the amount of poor drivers,
than uneducated cyclists.

I am actually used to this 'look',
it's not quite disdain,
actually, I don't know what this look is....
I just see it alot. Think I need a makeover.


The cargo beast.

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Jason Crane said...

Whose bike is this? I saw him the other day on Madison while I was riding the Xtracycle, but by the time I followed him around a corner, he'd disappeared. Very cool ride.