Thursday, March 25, 2010

spring is here?

this was less than two weeks ago....
I rode home i a tshirt last NIGHT.
it's the little things though...

as I rode to work I didn't see it,
but on the way home,
the grass was turning green everywhere!

that inbetween of winter white and spring blooms
is the most uneventful part EVER.
May as well just pack up the camera for those weeks.

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gwadzilla said...

raining here now... but in the weeks before this day it has been amazing
unseasonably warm

so warm that it felt like summer
we were in the woods at a newly discovered rope swing living the dreams of summer

the SNOWPOCALYPSE was a distant memory
the idea of the endless task of shoveling snow is an abstraction
someone the actions of a month ago seem like a lifetime ago

it is raining... I should have gone mountain biking yesterday

instead... I was inside working on my resume
sure I rode in the late afternoon... but not on dirt