Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Young Man's Game (with an old man)

I really suck with this blog.
Looks like I've let it go,
just like I've let myself go.

This last 'week' has really been two weeks stretched out.
And it just doesn't stop.
I think of posts as I ride, but when I get home, I just crash.
Just the weather warming up seems to have dumped more 'projects',
things from every direction. I can't even imagine how May will play out.

So I apologize.
You take the time to click over, and get NOTHING.
So I'll take sometime out of this six day work week,
to get caught up on the last two weeks.

After putting together my first interview,
and getting my post for the Times Union ready,
it was the first Alleycat of the year.
It was also a birthday party for a great alleycat mmmm, promoter?
Properly named, Young Man's Game.
Always falls on a large winter storm,
and last year went down to two people,
and near hypothermia.
This holds lots of promise.

And true to prediction, LARGE WINTER STORM!
And this year brought out nine riders!

And no injuries,

During the first manifest, two dropped out.
Four finished, and then waited out the next manifest,
with three continuing.

Two steaming finishers,
and one wet.

Luckily I packed extra socks and plastic bags for the shoes.
Even with the PI Amphibs, my shoes were soaked.
Soaked doesn't even describe wringing out my insoles and socks....
As with each Alleycat, the finish is at the bar.

I pulled up a curb (with a foot and a half of snow)
swapped socks, threw on the ghetto fabulous plastic bags,
and thought happy thoughts of warmth and beer just minutes away.

People making the effort to do things like this
defines the quality of your 'scene'.
Even in the craptastic conditions,
you gotta show your support.
Thanks guys (and gals).

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