Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Choose wisely!

This monstrosity greeted me as I walked into the local grocery store.

I don't know where to even begin.
Now if Lance promoted Fat Tire, i'ld say good for him/them. But Ultra light? That's the line where I choose to just not drink.

And if you were doing a bike related promo, you would expect to see something from The Great Bicycle Manufacturer, otherwise known as Trek. How does a department store full suspension mountain bike relate to someone known for winning "the" Tour?

If Michael Jordan had a display, I guess you could put a dodgeball on it. I mean, a ball is a ball right?

As a cyclist, this doesn't speak to me. Actually it does. It says "absolutely will I never buy or drink this stuff". No need to even talk about the commercials....
Just how big does that check need to be too justify endorsing this wreck?

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