Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cycle across USA

outside of work the other day I run into
these guys:

Sometimes it's just easier to walk on by,
not step out of the comfort zone and talk to someone.
But the bike was a Dawes, a UK brand you don't see often.
And there was a strong accent.
So I assumed they were doing some Montreal/NYC trip,
and around here - you'll probably need some directions.
So out of the comfort zone we go.

Here you have Ryan and Paul,
from Ireland, actually one is from the Rochester area,
but I'm assuming came from Ireland.
They decided to ride across the US
and raise money for an Irish cancer foundation,
and stopped into town to pick up a charger
and handlebar mounts for their GPS.

What was a change was there was no over calculation
of routes and dates and times,
they were just going to enjoy the ride.

I walked away thinking
I need to do that.
You need to get out there and live life, each day.
Ahhhh. I sound like some hippy bro',
but why slave away at a job to squirrel away some money,
so eventually you can retire,
THEN you go to Flordia to 'enjoy' life at seventy?

Riding my bike across the US,
adding that to my to do list.
Sooner than later.

To follow along goHERE.
Donate, comment, or offer a place to stay along the way! Thanks!

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