Friday, July 23, 2010

Hipstersdom 2011

Keeping up with the Hipsters:

Paste Magazine 2009 photo.

The popularity in mopeds? It's happening!
I personally think it's just hipsters,
with the need for something new.

Add to that,
it sucks riding your color coordinated fixed gear
more than a couple miles.
So when you need to run errands all day?
Buy a moped, I guess?

"Hey! It's got pedals, right?"
You have an engine and a plate.
Kind of like kids on Razor scooters,
thinking they somehow belong with skateboarding.

Doesn't count,
and get the hell out of the bike lane!
I have more respect (and lust) for a vintage Vespa.
Or just step up and get an actual motorcyle.
Which will be the next trend in a year:
buying cheap motorcycles,
and stripping them down to cafe racers.
Sorry hipsters, it's already been done again and again.

But I guess that means we'll be seeing alot of
cheap track bikes on Craigslist
- since they need money for the next "thing".

Honda CB 550/750's and KZ1's will be the next coveted NJS.
If you got one, hold onto it until next year.

Thanks for hanging out for a while guys!
Paste Magazine 2009 for the photo/link.

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