Tuesday, August 17, 2010

back on the path

well... we don't have any bike paths.

But it looks like I'm gonna be able to put alot of crap
behind me.
The trip helped sort some things out.
Because I had to put my head around bigger things.
Such as meeting my birth father for the first time.
And the big surprise?
Meeting my other half-sister.
But "sister" is the correct title.
My family keeps growing and growing,
and it's awesome.

I spent WAY too much time driving around.
To the point I can't stand cars, again.
So that's good.
I also spent time in a totally bike friendly city,
and wasn't cycling. That MAKES you want to ride.
So I'm back home, and back to the drawing board.
Trying to figure out what my new bike will be.

It's mind numbing going through catalogs looking for parts,
measuring & remeasuring,
writting down part numbers.
I tried to do it before I flew out,
and after a couple of hours,
threw the paper away and pondered buying a car.

It's easy to build your dream bike,
over a couple of months,
as you have a regular rider.

But to try and piece together your dream rig out of a catalog,
with out being able to handle the parts,
double check the overall fit & look?
Killing me here.

So, it'll be a compromise.
Start with a base,
and assume there's gonna be a few changes (or a lot).
I know what I love,
and I do considered myself...


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Jason Crane said...

Glad you're back and getting back on a bike. This town needs you!