Friday, August 20, 2010

While I was out...

While doing a walking tour of Port Angeles,
we visited a bike shop in a historical building.
And they just happen to stock Globes.
I have eyed the website a couple times,
but my local shop has never stocked the fixed gear models
or the hauling ones.
Seeing both the Live and the Haul in person
really got gears turning for bike #2 or 3!

When the insurance FINALLY pays out for my totalled Gunnar 'cross,
I have to replace it with another race worthy rig
(more on that later).
But I learned a lesson (maybe) on only having one bike.
I was trying to keep it simple,
but there are those times when your bike is not going to be there.
Then what?
And as much as I am able to function with my 'cross
and a big messenger bag,
there are some trips that would be better suited to a cargo type bike.
Especially large artwork.
My last gallery drop I utilized a kid trailer, which worked well,
but could've been better.
So maybe something like a Haul 1 or 2 with a front rack,
or the Live 1 or 2 with an xtracycle kit.
The possibilities.
I need to wrap up the bike search soon though!

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