Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Really that vain?

Besides the whole
'Planned Obsolesence' thing,
my other big complaint was
Shimano's cable routing for their
road grouppos.

Just Plain Ugly.

So Campy, with the ability to be
rebuilt, was my first choice. But the
cost has always been limiting,
especially for 'cross and everyday

Then Sram came along.
Tucked in cables,
Well designed,
And multiple price levels.

So as I started my quest for a new
bike, I figured I'ld run Sram's Rival,
found on alot of mid-line bikes. Then
I stumbled upon this:
Shimano's 2011 105.
I seriously thought the bike wasn't
finished. Shifters have the same 105
body, just no visable cables....
Impressive. Still not a fan.
But impressed.

On the showroom floors this fall.

Turns out my bike is coming with the
ugly old 105, so we're gonna check
the bank account and hopefully swap
to Rival. Or I'm just gonna bury those
105's into the mud this season.

But I now know that I am really that
vain. To put fashion over possible
function. But the simple fact that colors
of the frame can be a deal breaker,
you gotta love what you ride, right?

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