Friday, December 17, 2010

Can't see it.

before the projects start
the shop bench needs to get cleaned off.
parts need sorting.
but first the lights need to be replaced.

I jumped into the middle of things
and realized,
I can't even see around the work bench.
something that will be my home away from home...
away from home through the winter months.

and since we jumped right into the REALLY cold
at the start of December...
it looks to be a long winter.

But the project list has begun.
And I said no more art shows for a while
(feeling VERY UN-inspired)
that didn't last long,
as I'm scrambling to drop for another show...

There seems to be so many pots on the stove,
that I've resorted to tossing cans of crap
all over my figurative kitchen.

more to follow...

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