Monday, December 20, 2010

Sharing the Love, I hope

One of the biggest life changing things
is having kids.
From that point on
you constantly self critique.
You realize all that your parents did,
and then try to expand upon that.

What actions will have the most impact
What lessons will they learn
What will shape them as adults

Sometimes it's intentional.
But it always feels like a crap shoot.

I would like to think the art and bikes
that fills my life will only be a positive.
But maybe they'll grow sick of art,
and resent it as an adult?

But bikes?

Alot of kids grow up with a bike.
But it falls the way with many toys.
Some may continue with bmx,
until they get a car.

So I commute daily by bike.
Yes. The main reason is pure selfishness.
But I want them to percieve it as
normal. Accepted.

This last year I feel I failed a little.
The little man transitioned
onto a trail-a-bike.
But that was the extent of family rides.

I need to make a focused effort.
Everyone on bikes.
And having fun!

At the last 'cross race of the season,
the family finally was able to attend.
My oldest expressed a great interest
in racing.
Kind of caught me off guard.
Now I have to figure out a plan.
This week he becomes old enough.

Do I race the combined class,
and stay along side of him.
To offer motivation and keep it fun
(and take continual lasts)?
Then race the next field,
which at full effort,
will net me some more last places?

I'll figure this out while it unfolds
I'm sure.

I'm just psyched he might be 'into it'.
And I have to remember he might
walk away from it mid race.

But the first little man
will have his first "real bike" this week!
Where it goes from here, I don't know.

Extra cool was the hook up from my
favorite alleycat mechanic on the bike.
And the team kit from the local club.

There are some great people on bikes!

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