Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fall in love again...

"hey, we do a late night group ride. wanna come?"

"uhhh, sure!"

Right there, I need to learn to ask more questions.
Those questions that you ask yourself a half hour before
you head out the door.
There are no expectations. Which is good.
But there is no info. either!
And that is my fault.

I don't want to sound like some dork.
Too many questions might get an UN-invite!

So I split my gear into:
light & quick bare essentials.
messenger bag (everything including the camera).

I had no idea.
The worst case on one end:
off season roadies, out for a late night hammer sesh.
Which means I'll get dropped in a couple of miles,
and solo my way home.

or the other worst scenario:
the super casual urban ride. Which means you won't even
warm up (an issue when it's freezing out).

Sometimes I just luck out!

There was casual.
There were beer breaks.
A quick pace.
Lots of characters.
Familiar faces.
And mud.

Equate it to:
a Cat. 4 late night cyclocross race
through unknown trails
without enough lights.

Simply awesome.!

That's what riding is about, FUN!
No one gets dropped.
If someone flats, then it's time to break out the beers,
and share some stories.

I need to loosen up sometimes.
And as they say
just "enjoy the ride".

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