Friday, December 10, 2010

Check Lists

"Last Call" @ The Marketplace Gallery.
My final show for the year.
I'm running on fumes at this point.

Strange though,
the satisfaction of 'checking goals off'
isn't there.
It was the satisfaction of doing the tasks.
I'll expand on that later...
but it just occured to me as I was sorting out the noise,
the noise in my head of all the things still not completed.

One of my latest POSTS at the Times Union.


This ONE.

Like inviting a few friends over for 'a drink'
this last part of the year has really gotten away from me!

Two months of multiple art shows,
the tail end of the cyclocross race season,
and all the day to day activities
of everyday life.

I started looking at this blog
and realized nothing has been updated
or maintained...

The dreaded FB is such an easy distraction,
I guess it's similar to a bag of chips
versus cooking an actual meal.

Quick and easy,
but never satisfying.

You, my little neglected electronic child,
will get more attention.
I hope.

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Thanks for catching us up...looking forward to more posts and photos...