Friday, June 12, 2009


read up people...

"The cyclists were riding east on the shoulder of Oklahoma 51 near 161st West Avenue when a woman in a sport utility vehicle veered off the busy highway and crashed into them from behind about 4 p.m., Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Brian Warren said.

A woman and a man, both in their early 30s, died from traumatic injuries. Medics took a third man, also in his early 30s, to St. John Medical Center in serious condition, EMSA spokeswoman Tina Wells said.

Warren said the driver tried to leave the scene but was eventually stopped by other motorists. Authorities found an open container of alcohol in the SUV and detained the woman while they took a blood sample for a toxicology test. She likely would then be arrested, Warren said."

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Reading comment sections, you see how ill informed most motorists
are. And sadly, the driver will probably loose her license for
six months, do six months in jail. No DA has the balls to go for
homicide, with 10-15 years, won't happen in a car-based society,
because everyone on the jury drives, and doesn't want that sentence
imposed upon them at some point down the road.

You're a cyclist?
You're not even a second class citizen.
Your life amounts to little,
solely because you ride a bike.

"Why would you ride a bike, when you can drive?"

I want to see a DA who views a car as a weapon,
I want to see a driver get an ACTUAL assault charge,
that delivers YEARS in jail.
They're not giving anyone an incentive to change their

Why can't I get the article of a cyclist who pulls
an aggressive driver from their car?

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Cycle Jerk said...

This quote kills me,

"We have problems with bicyclists on this road all the time being struck"

See the problem? It's the with the cyclists who keep getting themselves struck. Not with the cars who are striking them.