Monday, June 8, 2009


I managed to put up two turds of posts this last week.
between busy days at work and the related drama & nonsense,
then we have two birthdays, visiting family, two art shows
back to back, massive yard work and house work,
and then the fundraising ride yesterday.
I'm spent.
Everyday I take pictures and my bike commute
gives me time to think of relevant posts,
unfortunately with my lack of time at home,
I never get near the computer.

So here's today's,
the ADA Tour de Cure is like a group ride with
training wheels. It's supported, planned, and
an easy way to get 'into' group cycling. What
kept crossing my mind was:
"why can't half these people ride a bike on a
regular basis? even once a month?"

I used to do this ride in support of my dad who passed
away two years ago from diabetes related health issues.
The circus and token-ness of fundraisers has worn thin.
Kind of like bike month. Every month for some IS bike
month. But if it gets a few more people riding on a
regular basis, then it does serve a good purpose,
I suppose.

This is little man's second time doing this ride.
To him it's 'The Bike Race!'.
So a good part of the time is spent reinforcing
'it's not a race, it's a ride, a large group ride'.
NO sudden turns.
NO sudden stops.
Straight lines and a steady pace.
over & over.

And no matter what,
the last stretch undoubtedly becomes a sprint to the finish,
followed with grand tales at home about how he won!
I have the feeling this will be repeating itself next year,
and probably the year after.

at least he understands the term 'Broom Wagon',
and kept looking over his shoulder to make sure it
wasn't behind him.
As far as bikes?
Most fundraisers are like a census of the general population,
leading to alot of 'whys?' and 'what the hells?'.
5% impressive
20% everyday rides
30% rusty & abused & neglected
and what seemed like
45% bastardized/hybrid/acidtrip inspired confusion of parts...
Tri bikes automatically fall into this category.
$3000 bike, $400 in clothing, then sneakers?
And the nauseating 'shop talk' of riders
about whether it's Performance, Colorado Cyclist, or Nashbar....
Unfortunately, I lack the brashness to just take closeups
of random people, maybe next year. Or I bring a longer zoom.

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m e l i g r o s a said...

these are cool pics, cute little boy on bike. aw <3
go little one, go!!