Monday, June 8, 2009

Country roads

John Denver had no idea what he was singing.
Country roads suck.
Can't stand them.
The only thing worse is suburbia roads,
at night,
with no street lights.
Again, why I love riding in the city.

I'm a fish out of water here.
What I thought would be a quick ride out in the country,
for the aunties pool party
turned into something worse than the cobbles,
my wheels are screaming at me now.
The pinging of spokes.
The wondering if that last smack will
leave a dent in the rim.
long ride turned into longer,
followed with dark clouds and no rain gear.

Finally reach smooth roads,
and I meet my enemy,
the silent and careless Prius owner.
Swear those things are out for me.
Country roads don't take me home...

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