Tuesday, June 23, 2009

rescue a bike, or six

if you stopped by, sorry.
I've been a bad updater lately.
I'll try to improve...maybe.
Today, just a short bit on:
saving bikes.
I'm also a bad bike owner,
so maybe this will buy me some bike-behaves-well karma.

I loaded some kids,
'cause why make an easy job any easier?
and stopped by a local shop that was doing some
late spring cleaning. well,
the way it's been raining - it feels like spring.

so here are some random shots of randomness.

I've got to get more organized,
but I'm fighting that tech-update, wired constantly urge.
we'll see what part wins - especially since I've got another case
of iphonelust,
and at the same time I want to throw my tv out the window.
anyways, this was about bikes,
and I'm an idiot with severe cases of bike lust,
but more on that in a day or two...

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